Natural Gems To Check Out In Toronto

These are some great options to visit within Toronto to get away from the busy crowds and traffic. Edwards Gardens – Located on the southwest corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue East, you can take the TTC straight to this huge and beautiful botanical garden. It also has the additional features of fountains, water wheels and wooden arch bridges.                                                  WebsiteSunnyside Park – Located in the west end of the city on the shore of Lake Ontario, Sunnyside Park is a former amusement park that is now popular for their picnics, biking trails, and the cocktail-famous restaurant Sunnyside Pavilion.                                                                                         WebsiteScarborough Bluffs – I’m not bluffing when I say that the Scarborough Bluffs is one of the most beautiful places in the GTA #puns. With white, sandy beaches and a water so blue you’ll think you’re in Greece, this neighbourhood gem is the ultimate escape from the city.   WebsiteDavid A. Balfour Park – A large and peaceful open space, the walking trails of David A. Balfour Park take you on a path within a forested ravine that ultimately leads down to the Don River.                              WebsiteMoccasin Trail Park – The Moccasin Trail Park is one of those trails that is passed by without much of a second glance – but it's time to start taking it seriously. This 15-hectare park offers insta-worthy pictures of a ravine forest and also has multiple walking and biking paths.               WebsiteWoodbine Park – Not just a go-to outdoors space for city events, Woodbine Park is also known for its bike trails, ponds, and splash pads, while also featuring an abundance of dogs – you heard me, dogs – for their annual canine festival.                                                                           WebsiteHigh Park – If you’re from Toronto, then you obviously know about High Park. Being the city’s largest public park and all, you can always expect a busy yet fun time here: you can go on a hike along one of their many trails, visit their zoo or dog park, and even just bring a basket for a picnic.  Website