4 Days Left to Register Help Build a New SickKids Corporate Team Challenge Heatwave for SickKids

Hi Tony, (4 days left to register for the June 16 event)SickKids is building a new hospital. Please join us in this corporate challenge and help build a new SickKids. We are looking for corporate team(s) to play beach volleyball, beach soccer or softball.Recruit a FUN team and help SickKids!21st century can’t be practiced in … Read more

Former NDP MP seeking Beach city council seat

Former NDP MP seeking Beach city council seat Toronto Star Matthew Kellway, the former New Democrat MP for Beaches-East York, is hoping to make a political comeback at Toronto city hall. … pedestrian and cyclist safety especially at the Queen St. E.-Woodbine Ave. intersection; the Tuggs …  Virus-free. www.avg.com